Fees and Payment Options

  • Tuition payments are per subject, per student.

Payment Options/Discounts for in-class sessions
Online sessions (one-on-one) are an additional $20/mo. regardless of number of subjects

Monthly (By EFT only)

  • $200 Math
  • $225 Reading (Includes Grammar)
  • $250 Writing (Includes Grammar)



  • Math + Reading: $400
  • Math + Writing: $425
  • Reading + Writing: $400 (both share the grammar)
  • Math + Reading + Writing: $575
  • Sibling Discount: $20/month

Registration Fees

$65 for first child; $35 for each sibling signed up concurrently. (No charge during pandemic)

30 Day Termination Notice

A written notice prior to the 1st of your final month is required for Temporary Absence or Termination.  For example, if you decide on March 10 to take a break or leave the program, you would notify instructor that April is your last month (not March) and so on.  If you waited until April 2, your final month would be May, not April.

Students returning after more than two month’s absence will be required to re-register and pay new registration fee. They will also be subject to any new tuition rates.

Method of Payment

  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is required for all monthly tuition payments.