Math Program

Pinecone Math Program

Our math program starts with students as young as three years old – (sometimes placing a pillow on a chair for the littlest ones). They learn their numbers by counting aloud, reading and tracing. Writing numbers repeatedly provides the pathway to the brain that instills memory.

Students progress with daily work (twice weekly classes and five brief homework assignments) through the basics including word problems and common core concepts.  As they master these concepts sequentially, they move, then to fractions, pre-algebra, algebra and geometry. Students master each concept in their own time and develop the confidence and motivation to forge ahead.

Pinecone provides the rigor of requiring correct steps, most efficient solutions, daily corrections and daily word problems to help the math concepts become real and applicable in daily life. “If apples are on sale from $2.29/lb. to $1.49/lb., estimate how much you will save on five pounds.”